Justin Bieber - All That Matters (Official Lyric Video)


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    1. Nara Sampaio

      eu aqui novamente

    2. Hariom pal

      Litrally no one in november 2020?????

    3. Yash Sharma

      Ossm song sir

    4. Yash Sharma


    5. Varsha Varsha

      #indianprimevideo congratulates you for making Good Video. Please Like, Comment and Share & Also Enjoy Glowing Star Prabhat in #Fadfadaa Movie.

    6. Md Sohardo

      2020?? No one?? Only me : yeah only me :)

    7. Love Nature


    8. back on

      Man i have been listening to this song since it came out but never knew the lyric vdeo and its hella awesome...!!!.!!!!! Why THwikis 🖤

    9. aman tilve

      Hi everyone be safe don't go out

    10. Trending vives

      Superb lyrics 🔥🔥❤

    11. Laila Walton

      Good job Justin Bieber!

    12. NotSushi

      Can't believe its been 7 years since release still feels like it was just released

    13. Creole Beyoncee

      2019 y'all???

    14. kidrauhl8702

      Best lyrics

    15. Marlon Rodado




    17. Ελενη Παπαδοπουλου

      april 2019 anyone?

    18. Marcela Silgado

      💖💖💖💋💋💋💘💘💘 LOVE YOU JUSTIN BIEBER 😊😉

    19. Moonlight babe

      He's so perfect in every way,other then his taste in women

    20. Shindes Ali

      Whats a king bed I thought he said kingpin without a queen

    21. Danniel Caezar B. Correa

      this album is so emotional

    22. hirlane laura

      i luv this song so much

    23. Frances Abby Tarifa

      2018 BABIESSSS

    24. Saee Jadhav

      2018? I hate Hailey

    25. Thays REIS


    26. Albanis Arrieta

      I love Justin Bieber💞

    27. Julie

      Why does this video look cheap lmao

    28. SnazzyBoxx

      I swear it’s “if I ain’t with you, I’m with myself” and “what’s a king babe without a Queen” ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      1. Saurav Maan

        King's "bed", not babe. Sorry if you don't care at this point since I'm making this comment very late lol

    29. Deep Kumar

      still one of the best songsssss of jb


      2018 anyone??

    31. sh


    32. bb.yrose 0

      How come I’ve never heard of this TIL now!?!?? The editing is amazing by the way 👏

    33. Kina Li06


    34. Zr00k


    35. Sonal David

      But give a like if you are a belieber !

    36. Edwin David

      I like the way he says 'oh-oh'

    37. from the dining table

      MY BOYYY

    38. Rawan


    39. akisha mangila

      Im from vkook moans..

    40. Adrianaglima


    41. Paula Pereira

      Iss best song ever

    42. Ilundy

      2018 listening Justin's old songs

    43. Joanna Deloy


    44. MIa Johnson

      Favorite song by him hands down

    45. Ashley Flores

      😍😍♥♥❤❤😻😻💑💑ASHIEYFIORES 💖💖💛💛💟💟💓💓ZEKE

    46. Julian Echa

      I just did a remix to this... & apparently the judge finds me guilty of homicide... thwikis.info/section/w-d-xo/fKdrgtB9bNjHnnc.html

    47. Tommy Angle


    48. Love rosie


    49. Bianca Letícia


    50. Melanie Lajnef

      Belieber 4ever ☺😚😙

    51. Ashanti Harrison

      All that Matters

    52. Arco Iris

      AAAAAAAAA 4 años desde esta belleza. No se porque siempre que la escucho se me hace super sensual

    53. Astera Haag

      No matter who the person it is ; you still gotta respect good music

    54. almu mora

      PROUD BELIEBER HAHA love u justin❤

    55. Sandra Salaj


    56. Magdalena Wyszomirska

      I love Justin Bieber 😍😍 and i'm belieber 😍😍 and i love you Justin 😘

    57. Nga Tran

      This song is so good, i love it!

    58. Ashley Flores

      ASEYL 💙💙💗💗❤❤💕💕

    59. Reina Arana

      Awesome lyric video

    60. michelle edwards

      Cool 😎👏

    61. Vicky Bieber


    62. BIEBER'S Bae

      Who is here in 2017😄??

    63. Miracle Sampson

      I am a belieber forever and always

    64. 134340

      I can't be only one here just because of the famous "oh oh" and "yeah yeah" part 😂👌

    65. junoesque

      *cough* Justin's mine

    66. Luna Night

      I love Justin Bieber ❤❤❤

    67. Hooded Assassin

      Justin you're such a gem. Your talent is sooo extraordinary. I love to listen to your meaningful songs... Love it.

    68. Zyleah Stewart

      thank you for this becuse this song got me and my together

      1. Zyleah Stewart


    69. Alina Bieber

      journals desserved a grammy

    70. Taksh Upreti

      journals Is really underrated 😦

    71. maria k


    72. Lisa Rinehard


    73. Purpose LessTM

      Year 2017 still listeners??

    74. Imane Chegari

      justin it's super swagging and very beautiful. We love you so much justin bieber ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡#BELEBERS FOREVER ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

    75. Nemat Aftab

      no one is as romantic as Biebs....

    76. Wenny Ferreira

      boa pra trepa

    77. Wenny Ferreira


    78. Prerna Madan

      LUV U Justin

    79. Aisyah Nars

      You're all that matters to me justin 😻💜

    80. Emily Labraña

      All That Matters ❤

    81. Roxana Leguizamon

      te amo justin! 💟

    82. Jimena Alvarez


    83. bktherulaenthusiast

      "The next eight bars tell you why" ohhh 😲

    84. Arianna Martinez

      I'm still bopping to this shit in 2017

    85. wrimty haque

      So from kid I'm hearing this song ❤️❤️❤️💋💋

    86. Eduardo Oliveira

      I hate believe album !!

    87. whiplashes

      published on my birthday!

    88. Santiago Miranda


    89. Miriam Escalante Linares

      belieber4ever like los que aun la escuchan en 2017

    90. Rizky Ardiyansah

      shame on me, i hate jb but i like this heuhue

    91. Marcelo Marreta MM

      Ó o gas

    92. May Goulart

      JB Mozão! 🌸👏

    93. Joana Souza


    94. BTS Cute

      I love this song I use to have a crush on him since I was little I have always wanted to see him and get an autograph from him but I still kinda love him

    95. Luis R. Schulz

      That's right! It doesn't mean "I need you to shine in my life"! It means "I need you to show me the light"! Thanks for this movie! This happens if german people think, that they can speak english. I know i can english a little bit, too. Thanks for your atention.

    96. Tamara Fuks

      love you!!!!!!!

    97. nur syazwina

      3 years of journals ❤❤❤❤❤❤

    98. Marian Arce


    99. Aimee Archer

      for everyone saying ''what's a king babe without a queen" this is the official jb vevo these are the official lyrics its "king bed"- don't know why it annoys me soo much but it does

    100. Alanna Cassen

      its king 'BED'?? i legit thought it was king 'babe' lmao