Justin Bieber - Sorry (Official Lyric Video)


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    Justin Bieber - Sorry (Lyric Video)
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    1. Júlia Andrade Vieira

      o my god love👍🏻👍🏻💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💖💖💖💖💖💖

    2. Žiga Golob

      kul! kul! kul!

    3. junior andino

      The ultimate tik tok transitions

    4. Rishitha Sri

      is this really you?! im your biggest fan!

    5. selvakumar c

      I Luv this song..💜💜

    6. Azelle Chloe Apayart


    7. Reagan Rodriguez

      Anyone here 2020

    8. Just Listen


    9. Amirul Ikhwan

      ya i know from the started it zach king edited 🤩😍🤩😍

    10. jerin jerin

      Any tamilam during quarantaine

    11. Osvaldo Przybysz

      Não tenho interesse nisso não gosto sai fora fora fora fora fora fora fora fora fora fora fora fora fora fora fora fora fora fora fora fora

    12. Minal Vange

      Love u justin I am your big fan

    13. Tharuk Samarasekara

      Good song

    14. aditya kumar

      Very good song is this 😄😄😄😄😄

    15. aditya kumar

      Very good song is this 😄😄😄😄😄

    16. nasira shaikh

      Love this song but can't download

    17. Sarpanch choro


    18. Mahesh Sharma


      1. Sana Sharma


      2. Sana Sharma


    19. Sana Sharma


    20. GamingMachine

      que merda

    21. Depresso Espresso

      I gave a like just for the dog. Nothing else

    22. Valeria Ribeiro


    23. Pau Pisano

      Una pregunta ? Se entiende la letra ? Ns tengo el presentimiento de que en la parte de la compu que está escribiendo no se entiende

      1. Pau Pisano

        Pranay Gamerr 😂 ? Eh ? Pero no entiendo , me rio pero no entiendo

      2. Pau Pisano

        Pranay Gamerr lo que está en la computadora

      3. Pranay Gamerr

        bueno, usé el traductor de Google para entender tu idioma 😅😂

      4. Pranay Gamerr

        lo que no entendiste ¿Qué quieres decir?

    24. Tanvir Evan


    25. Ayush raj

      Nice song

    26. Mohammed Faheem G S

      Best Lyric Video ever created!!!

    27. k1l 1

      Wtf is with that random scream at 1:40


      Hats off to the innovation 💡 👏 🙌

    29. Friends trade Link

      the word's written with music were awesome.

    30. Deepjyoti Karmakar

      Sorry Justin Bieber

    31. Anushka Mohite

      Man, this is amazing 👏 😍

    32. Miguel Hernandez

      I know

    33. Gia Lai Oppo

      7 tháng 12 2020 anh em ở Mỹ về thăm Việt Nam ok

    34. Smitty Skymo

      Bapak aja kak makan dek

    35. Saidazim Yuldashev


    36. Saidazim Yuldashev

      Sorry like

    37. Heloísa Oliveira


    38. Tanisha Suyal

      This is probably the best way to present the lyrics. I just loved it.

    39. Dope Motions

      Lets see how many people are watching this in Nov 2020

      1. Mariane chan

        @anumod baby is brinsks

      2. Obaida Kutkut


      3. Mariane chan

        @gilmar nascimento kkkkll

      4. gilmar nascimento

        @Mariane chan nostalgia ouvir essa msc ne

      5. anumod baby

        @Mariane chan what I did not understand sorry

    40. Gegeovana Silva

      Aquí e Brasil galera da like tivesse no Brasil


      All men should be jealous of it

    42. ice BIB

      I actually think this is much better than the actual music video

    43. Rhea Parkman

      him: "is it to late to say sorry?" me: "Justin Bieber" him: "maybe i won't apologize then" me: "lol ok idc mate"

      1. Anushka Mohite

        @Rhea Parkman I didn't know what to say 😅

      2. Rhea Parkman

        @Anushka Mohite ;-;

      3. Anushka Mohite


    44. Pancho

      well hi there

    45. abdul salman

      This song is very nice

    46. Toto bobo

      Hello, I've created a website to say sorry for whom you hurted, missed .. www.sorrymydear.com An apology is the superglue of life, for all those things that make you embarrassed ;) Thnks

    47. Justin Dang

      After listened to this song, my apple pie turned into maple pie

    48. Shab Nur

      My favourite song ♥️🥰🥺sorry

    49. Yedukrishna Mohanan


    50. Tami Bertinat

      Canta muy lindo!!

    51. Best Tube

      I love this video more than original one😍 Don't u?????

    52. mai cutie

      2020 someone not ok is given autolike

    53. Rabindra narayan Naik


    54. Ak creation

      We want more songs presented like this . It is great. I love it .

    55. ROMAN gaming

      Song nice

    56. FaeFae' Sam

      When I first watched the video to sing along with my niece without looking forward the comment. Me: wait why it's literally look like zach king's tricks! lol. Also me after watched the ending: OH YES!! I KNEW IT!! OMG MOM!!! YOU BETTER WATCH THIS! ITS YOUR ZACH KING! (ps: Coincidently Mom was a BIG fan of zach's 'Magic' .)

    57. khaled shareef

      *My fav song!*

    58. Ashton Gruber

      If I had a dollar for every time there was a jump-cut in this I would be rich.

    59. BARJA LEYVA Gustavo David 2B

      Alguien que hable español

    60. Kar Küresi

      Bu şarkıyı halen dinleyince aklına Kaya Giray sorry parodisi gelenler +1

    61. Hello guy hdjfkf


    62. putri khazana naila ahmad


    63. Abdianur _17

      Please comeback


      November 2020???

    65. Jhelka mae Calleja

      Wow zack king is there

    66. Muriel afzal Salam

      Freaking zack king doind bucket disapear magic at the end lol

    67. TWICE PINK



      Still here? 2020? Anyone? Still fav na! You r Legend 🥺

      1. Masko Nonya

        Don’t care whet anyone says this was a fire song

    69. khalil komi

      hi justin bieber I really love your videos

    70. ten kuu


    71. Suenny Archibald

      its Zach king at the end for me

    72. the kid explains everything tech

      these S H IT S are wasting paper noobs ooffff

    73. Darshan Pingulkar


    74. Deirdre Naughton


    75. Denise art uwu

      Que recuerdos xd

    76. Laxmi Badetia

      Anyone in 2020 November

    77. yigitarda uysal

      ye omegat

    78. Rani Rani

      It's amazing

    79. Rani Rani

      Nice animation

    80. deepa oli

      Love it

    81. Gamechange1112

      This song and “Clover Cage - Monster Cover” are the only two things keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better...We are in this together...I love you.

    82. Asim Roy

      I love this song

    83. xxKyoshe Whitexx

      I wish.... things could go back to the way it was No hate to anyone just my opinion

    84. wivaldo braga

      Hello theguyi spy kxdubos

    85. Jaxk Smxth

      1:40, anyone else hear the scream?

    86. Balu

      Still 2020 dec

    87. Lilok Nothin

      Please credit zach king next time hehe 😉

    88. イカZuzu

      Sometimes you hate justin sometime you like him

      1. deepa oli


    89. Mr Sudheer

      Unskippable ad THwikis: sorry

    90. sreeja chakraborty

      Chant stop listening even in 2020

    91. ProzinVK7

      Alguém veio pelo canal VOCÊ SABIA?

    92. K'arol _King

      Hello 😉!


      It might of been to late

    94. Ravza Tetik

      TÜRKLER neredesiniz

    95. Qushraini Ithnain

      2020 🙌🙌

    96. Olivia Winward

      Yes she did


      Oh 24h. Is 33M

    98. Olivia Winward

      Yea she did

    99. HaLf MoOn


    100. Kaveesha Ganganath

      My best friend loves this song soo much!