Justin Bieber - Changes (Nature Visual)


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    Production Company: OBB Pictures
    Directed by: Michael D. Ratner
    Executive Producers:
    Justin Bieber
    Scooter Braun
    Allison Kaye
    Michael D. Ratner
    Scott Ratner
    Kfir Goldberg
    Miranda Sherman
    Co-Executive Producer: Andy Mininger
    Producer: Marc Ambrose
    Director of Photography: Michael Dwyer
    Editor: Ted Feldman
    1st AD: Tom Gomes
    Production Supervisor: Jessica Stevens
    Production Coordinator: Teddy Stevenson
    1st AC: Bianca Bahena and Calvin D’Souza
    B Camera Operator: Jose Andres Solorzano
    2nd AC: Evan Gering and Veronica Bouza
    Drone Operators:
    Jonathan Chia
    Austen Smith
    Aaron Wallechinsky
    BTS Stills: Jennifer Spottz
    DIT: LJ Kim
    Grip: Rene Yescas
    Best Boy Grips: Poppy Shaw and Mladen Jurjanovic
    HMU: Janine Holmes
    Animation by: Gustavo Torres
    Additional Editor: Paul Little
    Assistant Editor: Nico Sabenorio and Erin Smith
    Post Finishing by: SIM Post - Los Angeles
    Online Editor: Ian Brankin
    Colorist: Andy Lichtstein
    SIM Post Producer: Justin Potter
    Production Assistant: Gabe Begnaud and Elliot Gordon
    Music video by Justin Bieber performing Changes (Nature Visual). © 2020 Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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    1. brea blount

      YES it should have been voted for R&B

    2. DIG65

      I like this change

    3. Emjay 90s

      "Even though sometimes I forget to breathe" That hit

    4. Ahnaf Atif

      Who here from javale McGees video

    5. Xrunt Sports


    6. Amanda


    7. TJAYV

      Javale McGee the goat

    8. Mikyla Rollan

      Who's also here because of JaValle McGee produced it?

    9. Limit Less

      noticed how the camera intentionally zooms in his jesus tattoo on his leg calves

    10. Kurt Paulino


    11. Bugart

      congrats javale🤍

    12. Emily Lee

      This is my fav song from Changes album.❤️❤️

    13. Anna Ace

      hi justine, honestly I'm a jelena fan and it saddens me when you two had difficulties in life and you two had to go through it. i watch one of your documentary video which made you write this song changes and i was kinda related to you. when you woke up everyday and thinking your purpose in life and you felt like "shit". you want to give the best out of you but you can't coz your useless and no one's there to support you🥺.. you felt ALONE.. you don't know the word 'purpose 'anymore😢.. i hope you found your purpose in this world. I'm a fan of your songs reminds me good memories of my past, and as i watch you thru years to present you're struggling and i know it's hard but one thing is your good at.. MUSIC is your life.. I don't know if you know this but your songs changes someones life. continue composing music and find your purpose into inspiration to people whose having difficulties life like you did. when i watch your documentary video about that your sick but you said at the end video that your not alone experiencing that kind of disease, kind of comforts me. atleast now i know i'm not the only 1 whose having this kind feeling. and and i hope i can find my true purpose in life soon too..

    14. Ricardo Ramos

      Anyone here after hearing Javal McGee's nomination?

    15. Mark Castre

      Javale Mcgee brought me here

    16. Cyberpunk 2077 Ph UNCENSORED

      I thought javale mcgee was one of the producers. Guess i was wrong.. that dick head false claiming shit!


        Naw he was actually one of the producers

    17. Irving Otero

      I’m here cuz Javale mcgee 🔥

    18. Nathaniel Dabuet

      Produced by Javale mcgee 💯🤝

    19. German Rojo

      Okay but Javale Mcgee produced this

    20. Jason John Sarceda

      Producer Javale McGee brought me Here 🎶

    21. Tom Linn

      does anyone know how and what this was shot on?

    22. luhde any

      Beliebers all around the world please stream changes album make justin win the grammy.. Let's support justin guys

    23. Katrina Thompson


    24. osman khan

      I love justin bieber and also love his songs and voice love from Bangladesh

    25. Nazish Bibear

      Nominated for Grammy😍

    26. Manu Martin

      who is watching it: - on bed - not in full screen - for reading comments (It's a lovely song) I salute those people's who clicked on read more. Do music too;!

      1. Josh K

        Song is my mood

    27. Sheryl Sedubun

      😭😭😭😭😭😭 we love you so much.. When you start singing until now Justin keep praying. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💝💝💝💝 Jesus Christ Love you so much. 🙏

    28. luhde any

      You gonna win the grammy justin

    29. Skrimer


    30. Cody Williams

      sorry dude, this is NOT R&B, this is POP

      1. lololol lolol


      2. Galactus G

        It's R&B

      3. Once a belieber Always a belieber

        No, 100% R&B.

    31. Lauren Taylor

      My 3 year old just asked me to play this again and he doesn't usually vibe to slow music like this. Literally love this song😭❤️❤️

    32. Janiece Ivory McKinney

      *Looks up definition of R&B* *THwikiss "Changes by Justin Bieber"* Yeah this defiantly ain't it Justin lol. This is the POP.

      1. Galactus G

        This is R&B

      2. Once a belieber Always a belieber

        This is R&B.

    33. Baby Shark - Kids

      Who came here after grammy thing

    34. trilliongold

      Please don't let him dress himself anymore. He looks like a clown wrapped in a turd.

    35. Maria Luiza

      musica merda

    36. Mojia87 Alhamrani

      Who came here after grammy thing to check if its pop or r&b

      1. Sabrina's Life

        Tyrese album Black Rose, Neyo Good Man, THOSE ALBUMS DESERVED GRAMMYS FOR RNB ALBUM, so it kinda would be a slap in the face of black rnb artists who didn't get one, for justin to get one, in my opinion. I hope Queen Naija gets acknowledged for her amazing album!

      2. Sabrina's Life

        I don't think its a full rnb album but it does have some rnb, and fuck a genre anyway, the music is good! He deserves a gramny, so does the weekend, I feel their frustration. As artists, wanting their music a d hard work acknowledged for what they think it supposed to be. They are the ones who created it! I think Journals by jb was def more rnb tho, idk...both albums were definitely grammy worthy

      3. DIG65

        I did and I think he did “try” with this song. I have to listen to the rest of them.

      4. Rohit Kumar

        @lololol lolol Umm, that's not a fair reason now, isn't it?

      5. lololol lolol

        @Rohit Kumar That he's white 😂

    37. Mehak Ali

      The only reason I’m here is because of the tweet billboard posted......and you are being ungrateful. You don’t deserve to get nominated at all.

      1. Baby Shark - Kids

        @Once a belieber Always a belieber HE IS USELESS SO JUST IGNORE

      2. Once a belieber Always a belieber

        Focus on your fav and get out of here :)

    38. Tantan T

      Canadian fall winter

    39. Noob Vines


    40. Hannah

      Every season has a reason💗

    41. Nicolette Cisneros, Gil

      more songs like this please, pure, spiritual and meaningful 🙏 ❤ God bless all of us. God loves you Justin.

    42. Ephémère


    43. David Farmer

      thwikis.info/section/w-d-xo/pMeXiqeXha7OfKk.html 👈 Changes Remake! Check it out!

    44. Amit Semwal

      lyrics are soo dope

    45. Alvin Waldemark

      Justin changes but he being so much better this album is the best one❤️

    46. Brittany Blocker

      I really like this song

    47. Miriam Saucedo


    48. Juscelino Pereira

      Best song I've ever heard to date congralatios 😍😍

    49. kate ortiz

      Keep on moving forward J.B.❤ God is with you always.

    50. Evelyn

      Some days I move like water Some days I burn like fire Some days I wanna push further Some days I wanna do nothing I just wanna be the best of me Even though sometimes, we might disagree So that I can be the best for you That's all I wanna do I'm going through changes I'm going through changes Though I'm going through changes Don't mean that I changed Sometimes I'll go to sleep early Sometimes I can't close my eyes Sometimes I smile like it's all good Even though there's pain underneath it I just wanna be the best of me Even though sometimes, I forget to breathe So that I can be the best for you That's all I wanna do I be going through changes I'm going through changes Though I'm going through changes Don't mean that I changed Yeah, I'm going through changes I'm going through changes (ooh, yes I am) Though I'm going through changes (that's right) Don't mean that I'll change, whoa La-da-da-da-dum, la-da-da-da-dum La-da-da-da-dum, la-da-da-da-dum, no La-da-da-da-dum, la-da-da-da-dum I'm going through changes No, I ain't changed, yeah Uh, people change, circumstances change But God always remains the same

    51. Windsaint

      Mood: This virus 🦠 is making me go through Changes, just want to ride 🏍 my hair thru the wind w/you 😘 people change, circumstances change.

    52. Myoung Ae Park

      This is a perfect song by Justin Bieber, performed by Justin Bieber.

    53. Măñøj Tåmřãķąř

      Love u justin bieber ❤❤

    54. Chris Tiana

      Thank you so much...! God bless you all the time..Amen

    55. rainbowballoon

      Beautiful singing 💕💕

    56. Beth Beebe

      Talented beyond!! Voice gets better literally every time I hear it!

    57. John Solobro

      All the handsome homeless dudes with phones vibing on this at camp. Lol.

    58. Ejona Hoxha

      justin change so fucking things

    59. Ejona Hoxha

      love u

    60. Ejona Hoxha

      love u with all my heart

    61. Ejona Hoxha

      fucking love you man

    62. KaRs trini

      this song speaks to me sooo much....after the death of my husband...I am truly going through changes

    63. Reina Arana

      Too bad the tour had to be postponed, this sounds like it would be so good live

    64. Limin Jini

      20 sec Ad jesus christ !! bieber you too ?

    65. The special Kitchen

      I'm Bieber's big fans 🤘🤘

    66. Beatriz Ríos

      Love is growth ❤

    67. Thiago Venicius TV

      Musica linda💜

    68. Claudia Ayesu

      Where’s his jacket from??

    69. Ransy bts

      I like places like this 😍😍

    70. hoa lan


    71. Pikachu Greninja

      Intentions Bieber are best

    72. Pikachu Greninja

      No Change Justin Bieber

    73. Vitória Matos

      Cadê uhs brasileiro;-;

    74. Manu Martin

      who is watching it: - on bed - not in full screen - for reading comments (It's a lovely song) I salute those people's who clicked on read more. Do music too;!

    75. Domenica Delgado


    76. Nicole D

      Dreams are still possible

    77. Micaela Silva

      I love this song

    78. Jesús

      Justiiiiiin te quiero broder! eres lo mejor en este tipo de canciones! tienes una voz buenardaaaaa!

    79. Debopriya Dutta

      I love you Justin always and forever... ❤️ 😘 I completely relate to this song. I can feel what you are feeling.


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    81. Bimal Gurung

      Just had a revaluation of change.. and wow bro, yeah yeah yeah!!! You’re a men of God my!! brother!! Keep on!!🙂 being led by the Holy Spirit and being ESTABLISHED. a bold full stop right there.

    82. sammy wiya

      be honest the lyrics r beautiful

    83. A. Miccoli


    84. Mariana Espinosa

      We all go through changes seasons different paths for some it’s more difficult than others

    85. N Chang - van Weissenbruch

      this is a magnificent song. Thank you for singing such a heartfelt topic

    86. Red Seyoung

      Twice's playlist brought me here-

    87. Dhriti PatelJB


    88. Reshma Anderson


    89. the humble one


    90. santi Aviles

      This is asowme justin

    91. Riah Doherty

      I so thankful Jesus is getting to more people, thank u Jesus for changing all our lives, JESUS OUR SAVIOUR I LOVE U. GOD REMAINS THE SAME💞

    92. Riah Doherty

      God bless u all, if u have any prayer request reply ill pray for u. 💞

    93. Chloe Queen

      Wow that amazing voice speaks alot to my heart 😍😘


      May Lord Jesus bless you Justin. Keep spreading His word.

    95. Fred Charpentier

      Amazing song pure beauty

    96. Micheal McQueen

      Justin Bieber his Stuffed!

    97. Afrodita Jurišić - Sokić

      So soulful

    98. lubna labeeb

      proud of you justin

    99. Paola A

      Except for yummy, this album is pure art! Justin has grown so much, been here since my world era, belieber till the end!

    100. E W