Justin Bieber - Right Here ft. Drake (Official Lyric Video)


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    Music video by Justin Bieber performing Right Here (Lyric Video). (C) 2013 The Island Def Jam Music Group

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    1. Randall Wanzo II

      This song came out when I was about to graduate 🎓 high school 🏫 (2013) so the nostalgia is real.

    2. Scottie Austin


    3. Júnior Rogerio


    4. ExOTiC LuCk

      I’m literally the only one whose using this in a Minecraft montage

    5. Alanna Robson

      Still the best in November 2020

    6. 7even Robinson

      My boyfriend told me to listen to this, he on his way home from prison😘

    7. Alykimmidoll 95

      No time is a waste when it comes to JBs songs. 😍❤️❤️❤️

    8. Mike EMpire

      My shit still

    9. Sumu Jb

    10. DeathByReeses

      I actually really like this album but Purpose is his masterpiece!

    11. Rajesh Bhatia

      I am right here!

    12. Sensible Apple

      much simpler time

    13. Baidurjyo Kundu

      Imagine how big this would have been if released now

    14. Richell Cruz

      2020 present❤️😚


      I am right here for you always ❤️



    17. talan

      So underrated

    18. 中島幸愛

      im still here. still a belieber, since 2010. and still counting :) cause once a belieber, always a belieber💜 we never left, we're unbreakable.

    19. Ziq Shan

      idc in what year u listen to cause i'll listen to this song every year

    20. shevina campbell


    21. Shiroinya

      this was my ringtone and alarm sound ;u;

    22. Maria Eduarda Ramos

      Essa música é demais

    23. Jelly

      Underrated song

    24. Alexandra Elizabeth Rodriguez Vega

      I'm here from popstar video 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

    25. MALONEK


    26. START444 FF

      Corona music

    27. Samuel Flores ruiz

      I love Justin today

    28. Sarah Besson


    29. Alvin

      God this brings back old vibes

    30. Yangthingba

      This song is better than some artists whole carrier haha

    31. Rafael Alves

      This song still wonderful in 2020

    32. Varsha Varsha

      #indianprimevideo congratulates you for making Good Video. Please Like, Comment and Share & Also Enjoy Glowing Star Prabhat in #Fadfadaa Movie.

    33. Ramírez Flores Brandon

      2020 alguieeeeeen?¨?????

    34. Chayse Jordan

      Wished they made a video for this song

    35. Joseph Watson

      It's so cool I'm in 2020 too


      I think im the only one listening to this song in 2020

    37. ava pichardo

      it took me so long to find this cause i forgot the name, and i was just typing the lyrics😂

    38. Brandon Salazar

      Damn baby you make time wait clocks break minutes lost it’s patience ya you got it and it’s perfect I just wanna luv yuh slow your speed don’t hit the breaks what’s you chasing hit cruise control cruise it slow Am I lying let you know your prettier than beautiful no matter change to the weather pocket change know it’s now or never no loving under the bridge what’s you think they got trolls for

    39. Rafaela

      Imagine someone writing a music about you

    40. David Arroyo

      Oh que increíble esta canción, me hace recordar a la época 2012 cuando justin era famoso.


      Do nada 2020 🇧🇷💔

    42. Zahra Khairyah Ali

      King 👑

    43. NEW WORLD

      Underrated bt this is the best Justin

    44. Violeta Orellana Gamboa

      My favorite Justin's song forever

    45. Eleven L

      I am here 2020 end 😭❤️🔥🔥

    46. Muhammed Ali

      Drake spits fire though

    47. Marco Matheus

      Nossa música 😭

    48. Josefa Jo



      I literally just heard this song 9/19/2020 for the first time...I was like this is the BOMB...and it is 6 years old. He needs to rerelease it ASAP.

    50. Billy Maurício


    51. Laika Marie Choa

      Used to be my fave song omg!!

    52. Norleah Young


    53. lilly bivar

      melhor musica do album.

    54. Dushawn Powell

      I’m right here in 2020

    55. Au Mh

      Omg i been looking for this song years now, love u justin

    56. xBustedHeart

      Being a part of the fandom in these times where Justin was being a lil toxic/ ruffling a little feathers here and there were IT lol. Nothing compares. I remember they even promised a video for this, damn were we robbed.

      1. Sofia DC

        We deserved a video

    57. Mensagens Positivas



      Who is listening 2020 🎶

    59. Dusty Dusty

      Awesome 🌺💞🌺

    60. Luzia Nascimento

      Amo essa musics

    61. Luzia Nascimento

      Up, 2020

    62. Daniel Thomas music

      Little knows fact,Drake and Justin are actually singing to each other on this one.


      surprised this song never blew up

    64. Raisy Rodríguez

      Is 2020 and I love that song like day one😍🙏🏼😭

    65. Ak_ esan

      2020 justin is in drake's music vid! LOVEE THIS FRIENDSHIPPP

    66. Chicken Nugget

      September 2020 this Song Fire asf

    67. Yangmo Yangmo



      billie stans 0:41

    69. Tyler Smoov

      This was that era when you could be at middle school dances and this would play and you could just try to Put the Mack on ya crush 🤣😭

    70. Oussama Moussaoui

      If Justin doesn't have a song with dake on jb6 I'm throwing hands idc

    71. Yalqnaei

      Covid 19?

    72. Lily_Queen DR

      I still want you jb

    73. filippos_ fortosis

      Okay... I know you are here after watching the pop star.

      1. what do you mean?

        Yes, I'm a regular belieber listening to his songs everyday.

    74. Hamid Elkhattarii

      2020 i think im only one here

    75. Bala Prakash

      Who's here after popstar mv

    76. Sơn Phan

      Popstar ...

      1. what do you mean?

        @Sơn Phan sorry I was just kidding 😂 I'm a future doctor. I'm not an doctor right now😂

      2. Sơn Phan

        Gitanjali 🤣🤣🤣🤣🥵🥵🥵🥵

      3. what do you mean?

        @Sơn Phan 😂🤣🤣

      4. Sơn Phan

        Gitanjali 🤣🤣🤣

      5. what do you mean?

        I'm a doctor not a popstar 😂

    77. aliwali 2.0

      Im confused was this the reason for the favor?

    78. Nathalie Vasquez

      Who is here after Popstar, 2020?? 🥰

    79. Gabriela Paredes

      Popstar 💜


      Who is after popstar 😁😁😁

    81. Jessica Khadija

      2020 caraio

    82. Blackty 37

      Who is here after the pop star music video???

      1. Serkan Player

        Blackty 37 me

    83. La Min Maung


    84. Seven Colors A Rainbow

      After popstar!!!

    85. Fernanda Arroyo

      Quien en él 2020.

    86. Dracorex0

      Best song to never get a music video?

    87. Allysa Napoles


    88. MN CC

      Billboard hot 💯 no 95

    89. Elisangela Barbosa

      Ohhh miss so much this song❤❤❤

    90. Skraps

      I didn't know they had a collab😆

    91. Abby Molina

      They need more songs together! They are my favorites 🥰😍🥵

    92. Luísa Souza

      I will never get over it

    93. Jay Kayz

      my first bitch dedicated this song to me back in 2013

      1. Queen of Punt

        That's cute💀

    94. Andrea Bykonen a Belieber

      I wish I could hit the like button a billion times, cuz I would!!! I'm in love with this song💛💕

    95. Sarai Johnson

      Who got reminded of this song by megs story🤣❤️

      1. Queen of Punt

        You mean Megan thew stallion???

    96. Jooheon

      My slow ass can't read the lyrics because they're moving too much but aye it's still a bop

    97. Esteban Gomez

      i love this song!

    98. Yulisa Xitumul

      Quarantine! 2020 Love You Justin 💜

    99. Ruth Nascimento

      A saudade que eu sinto dessa época simplesmente não tá no gibi. 2020 e eu ainda amo da mesma forma como se fosse a primeira vez

      1. Nassor Oliveira

        eu te entendo

    100. Believe 94