Justin Bieber - PURPOSE : The Movement


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    Created by Justin Bieber, Parris Goebel and Scott "Scooter" Braun
    Director: Parris Goebel
    Production Companies: SB Projects and Bieber Time Films
    Executive Producers: Justin Bieber and Scott "Scooter" Braun
    Producers: Justin Bieber, Scott "Scooter" Braun, Parris Goebel, and Allison Kaye
    Associate Producer: Cori Weber
    Shoot Coordinator: Cyndi Dumo
    Filmed and Edited By: Jose Omar Hernandez
    Intro Filmed and Edited By: Rory Kramer
    Additional Video By: Rory Kramer, Jas Davis, Taktix Films, and Royce Miller
    Colorist: Arianna Pane
    Big Thanks: Brett Goebel
    Mark My Words
    Choreographer: Parris Goebel
    2nd Unit DP: Josh Lehnerd and John Hafner
    Groomer: Florido Basal
    I'll Show You
    Dancers: Denzel Chisholm, Gusto Clarke, Ryan Davis, Noel Frias,Kendrick Martinez, Jose Ramos, CJ Salvador, Lance Savali, Tony Tzar, and Hollywood
    What Do You Mean?
    Choreographer: Parris Goebel
    Makeup: MAC
    Dancers: Bianca Ikinofo, Kaelani Edwards, Madison Golightly, Shyvon Campbell, Leilani De Marco, Kyra Aoake, Althea Strydom, Kaea Pearce, Maddison Barnett, Jess Toatoa, Ruth Pearce, Samyah Powell, Kirsten Dodgen, Corbyn Taulealea-Huch, Ling Zhang, Weijun Sun, Keanu Feleti, Todd Williamson, Joseph Metuakore, Elvis Lopeti, Justyce Petelo-Neho, Michael Metuakore, Fetu Taku, Esra Pula, and Andrew Cesan
    Choreographer: Parris Goebel
    Stylists: Sebastian Hunt and Dylan Richards
    Makeup: MAC
    Dancers: Bianca Ikinofo, Kaelani Edwards, Madison Golightly, Shyvon Campbell, Leilani De Marco, Kyra Aoake, Althea Strydom, Kaea Pearce, Maddison Barnett, Jess Toatoa, Ruth Pearce, Samyah Powell, Kirsten Dodgen, Corbyn Taulealea-Huch, and Parris Goebel
    Love Yourself
    Choreographers: Keone and Mari Madrid
    Dancers: Keone and Mari Madrid
    Choreographers: Parris Goebel and Lyle Beniga
    Dancers: Lyle Beniga, Parris Goebel, Kaili Bright, Melany Centeno, Lilly Leithner, Diana Matos, Cat Rendic, Taja Riley, Tia Rivera, Tee Tee, Marquita Washington, Laure Courteller, Natalie, Paris Jackson, Miesha Moore, Tiara, Kelly, Selasi Dogbaeje, Conny Azua, and Rebbi Rosie
    Company Girls: Vanessa Curry, Jamie Hauptmann, Delaney Glazer, Jen Jones, Maja Keres, Bec Morris, Deena Poppes, Debbie Rosie, Jamie Ruiz, Taylor Thomas, and Marie Takano
    Diner Crew: Alex Chung, Shaun Evaristo, Graig Fisherman, and Devin Jamieson
    No Pressure (feat. Big Sean)
    Choreographers: Parris Goebel and Ian Eastwood
    Appearance By: Big Sean
    Dancers: Ian Eastwood, Megan Batoon, and Melany Centeno
    No Sense (feat. Travis Scott)
    Choreographer: Parris Goebel
    Appearance By: Travis Scott
    Stylists: Sebastian Hunt and Dylan Richards
    Makeup: MAC
    Dancers: Parris Goebel, Bianca Ikinofo, Shyvon Campbell, Leilani De Marco, Kyra Aoake, Althea Strydom, Kaea Pearce, Jess Toatoa, Kirsten Dodgen, Corbyn Taulealea-Huch, Althea Strydom, and Oriana Whaiapu
    The Feeling (feat. Halsey)
    Choreographers: Parris Goebel, Pierce Cady, Janelle Ginestra, Valentine Norton, James "BDash" Derrick, Keywane Pandy, Marquis Robinson, and Brandon "Beno" Anastascio
    Appearance By: Halsey
    Dancers: Pierce Cady, Janelle Ginestra, Valentine Norton, James "BDash" Derrick, Keywane Pandy, Marquis Robinson, and Brandon "Beno" Anastascio
    Life Is Worth Living
    Choreographers: Emma Portner and Patrick Cook
    Dancers: Emma Portner and Patrick Cook
    Written By: Justin Bieber, Jason “Poo Bear” Boyd, and Mark Jackson
    Where Are Ü Now
    Choreographers: Parris Goebel, Nick Demoura and Lady Cultura
    Appearances By: Diplo & Skrillex
    Dancers: The Ruggeds -Tawfiq Amrani, Jessy Kemper, Roy Overdyle, Sjoerd Poldermans, Lady Cultura, Johnny Erasme, Johnathan Rabon, Yusuke Nakai, Mykell Wilson, Devan Smith, Mona Berntsen, Christina Chandler, and Elysandra Quinones
    Choreographers: Parris Goebel and Kyra Aoake
    Dancers: Giverny Hing, Maddison Barnett, Ruth Pearce, Samyah Powell, Sarah Whyte, Houston Murray, Ellise Samuels, Ally Mayerhofler, Siyanna Yarr, Drew Sackfield, Cullen Neale, Isla Potini, Alexandra Page, Frannie Aquino, Azaria Ieriko, Biranna Dixon, Aria Henry, Teesha Siale, Courtney McKay, Isabella Thomas-Edwards, Taimania Pupuke,Sophie De Renzy, Anaya Wakelin, Faolan Okan, MJ Neethling, Jovi Ngo, Henk Tomkins, Irava Upu, Ben Rawnsley, Remy Sutton, Matthew Pule'anga, William Tuarae, Donnell Collins, Brookyln Collins, Ayla Ngaluafe, Quincy Ngaluafe, and Dasha Collins
    Choreographer: Parris Goebel
    2nd Unit DP: Josh Lehnerd and John Hafner
    Stylists: Parris Goebel, Danielle Maas and Tracy Knight
    Groomer: Florido Basallo
    Makeup: Taylor Tompkins and Valene Del Rosario
    Dancers: Samaria Barnes, Logan Hassel, Marissa Heart, Taylor Knight, Pauline Mata, and Simrin Player
    ©: 2015 Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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    1. Jake Mayes

      ight i was wrong. jb pretty damn good even back then

    2. Libby Gardener

      You know your mind's in a sad place when your first thought is - "BUT THEY"RE NOT SOCIAL DISTANCING!"

    3. Enoch Mumba

      i still remember the day of this premiere, right here on youtube. every hour a video was dropped and to my awe and pleasure, Justin Bieber was back. i couldnt be happier. Once a belieber, always a belieber LOL

    4. Bruno Gomex

      its awesome the video

    5. Keith Charles Bautista

      I love how dance is just random human movement but yet so powerful and entertaining

      1. Kate Smith

        N also pp



    7. Antonia Bahamondes

      Por lo menos 1 vez al mes veo esta joyita

    8. christopher timan


    9. Maria Julia



      This was the best album I've heard 5 yrs ago 👌🏻🔥🔥♥️

    11. Jassika Chohan

      I am so proud. I am willing to support him no matter what. Ever since I was a kid up until now, it is always you. Love ya'! Keep going, Justin is a great example of fighting and succeeding. Everything he has gone through, God knows. This album contains a lot of emotions, messages, and hope for everyone.

    12. jaclyn kato

      Love this song

    13. Nougan Felipe Gomes Barbutti

      Man, this guy grown up.. with F**ing great songs!

    14. {DHM}Darvesh Harya Mufti


    15. Jay Urameshi

      Album of the decade



    17. KiTe MakEr


    18. Harpreet Sidhu

      You give me the purpose

    19. RipN

      Alot of people slate him but could you imagine all the attention he gets sooner or later youd snap

    20. Julie Mills

      Beautiful song beautiful dance

    21. Julie Mills

      Watched as you have grown into a man. U get better n better. loves....

    22. Aria Mia

      Is this just people dancing to his music? This is bangin. Love it!

    23. Onelove

      Best Calaborations!!! I knew you were talented JUSTIN BIEBER! God Bless you. By the way this is what the world needs!

    24. Onelove

      Best Album #2020 I can't believe I haven't heard this album forgive me!!!

    25. luhde any

      Why hit the ground isn't on the album?

    26. luhde any

      Best album ever 💜💜💜

    27. Mahajan Clothe House

      This album this era

    28. belieber is a lifestyle

      Justin is the best Mark my words

    29. belieber is a lifestyle


    30. Ju sz


    31. Pedro Cole

      If i was his girlfriend, I'd never let him go

      1. belieber is a lifestyle


    32. Jada Chanel


    33. Ran Lau


    34. John Runstedler

      He's on the greater path the higher one the light bless u young man always here for you and our home town

    35. John Runstedler

      I'm a cambridge ontario resident and I believe in you buddy

    36. Lou

      I love Justin Bieber's music 🎶🎶🎶 💓💓

    37. DIY_W Draw it your way

      The more you are away from media and limelight , the more you have a happy life Who agree☺️

    38. Martha Johnson

      The dancers,!!!!!!;😘💥😘😘😘💥💥💥💯👏👏👏💯💥

    39. aiko paz michimani

      Necesitaba un descanso del 2020 y este álbum, este video, es el mejor descanso que me pudo ofrecer la vida. The best album ever, just taking a break 'bout the hole world.

    40. Rebe MC

      Honestly, I think it's time to people to see the great artist he is, and in my opinion one of the most talented musicians and preformer ever, cause he plays several instruments and sings beautifully.

      1. belieber is a lifestyle

        @AnotherScaldingHot ButtloadOfLiquidFeces 😂😂 He is the best out of best Mark my words

      2. NeL Figueroa Abad

        And also he can dance.

    41. Karishma goswami


    42. Nayanjit Gatak

      Justin Bieber all time superb

    43. Yesman Gunera

      me gusta tu musica 🥰 saludos desde Honduras

    44. Hence Hennncee

      Some reason I've always thought Justin was a transexual 😌

    45. mqokeleli zaza

      so effortlessly and best one ever

    46. Karla Cayetano Montes

      te voy a dedicar la tesis bebe

    47. Karla Cayetano Montes

      te amo Justin, ERES EL AMOR DE MI VIDAAAAA Por ti le echo ganas al bachis

    48. Mario Gamez

      Where is Been you song ? It’s One of the best of this Almbum

    49. Neleh Elias

      when peoples not famouse then you dont want to hang out but when they famouse you all over them

    50. Neleh Elias

      justin bb

    51. Neleh Elias

      you are not handsome anymore

    52. Stefanie Cordell

      I kind of liked the vid

    53. Leoni Illner

      I love Justin Bieber for making this Video

    54. Adamaria Palma

      I don't care for robot rapping!

    55. shobhit vaidya

      Im watching this vdo in 2020 😢♥

    56. sekarkathleen

      It's almost the end of 2020 and I still listen to this album! Love love

    57. belieber

      5 years to the most precious album

    58. Nicole D

      My daughter little said you were her cousin. I laughed but they always say cute things

    59. Nicole D

      Minutes are now not past thoughts nothing was unpaid thank you Heavenly Father

    60. Nicole D

      Aging is fun

    61. Nicole D

      I might have prayed for you. I hope is well now

    62. kíng sízzlєr꧁꧂


    63. Nicole D

      Chose carefully

    64. Nicole D

      Choices today

    65. Nicole D

      I have ears

    66. Nicole D

      Research your drugs before taking, drake

    67. Nicole D

      Thank you for the platform

    68. Nicole D

      Wheres my money, kidding. St Jude please

    69. Nicole D


    70. Nicole D


    71. Nicole D


    72. Nicole D

      Music heals

    73. Nicole D

      Truth day! Ouch. It's all good. Music still goes on. . .

    74. Nicole D

      Both sides need patience

    75. Nicole D

      Maybe I dont know but I do🤓

    76. Nicole D

      Your blessed!

    77. Nuri Way

      "Everybody knows my past now Like my house was always made of glass And maybe that's the price you pay For the money and fame at an early age And everybody saw me sick And it felt like no one gave a shit They criticized the things I did As an idiot kid" - Lonely, Justin


      302 college ave w Guelph Ontario.... What???!!!

    79. Emylia


    80. Been Girl


    81. The Timothy 48 Channel

      I remember when I was working back in the 90s when Justin first started singing and became the popstar next to Michael Jackson . Michael Jackson is the king of popstar taught many how to dance and sing . Justin Bieber is one of Michael Jacksons colleagues and he became famous every song Justin sings and writes tells a story and I believe all the songs says everything about what Justin experiences in life and that's how he gets it all out . My worker's used to say if that was my kid I would keep him home under lock and key he is to young to be famous . But I never felt that way Justin has a excellent voice when he sang his first song :my world, and till now :intentions. I still like most of his songs he definitely came long way he had his personal problems and came over it . Justin Bieber is definitely a great role model for all the kids around the world.

      1. For The People Ent.

        he wasnt reconized in the 90s sorry!

    82. Valarmathi Selvaraj

      Only for Justin's voice🙂😇💝

    83. Ajay Kumar

      0:23 is there any separate video ????

    84. Gio Galang


    85. Zain_ Ahmed

      I love you Justin Bieber forever ❤️

    86. Desiree Coleman


    87. Mc.Nialler

      Who else watched all 42:09 of the video?

    88. natasha wanjiri

      this song has alot of memories but being a superstar hurts sometimes but you stay strong

    89. Kurdy Putro Sukmo

      Iloveyou Justin Bieber ❤️❤️❤️

    90. rizky chiky

      nice creografis.. I love it.. this videos it's good

    91. Brenda Dodd


    92. Brenda Dodd

      Such great Moves

    93. Cauan sidney cover


    94. Alana Quattro

      This is where Bieber peaked.

    95. Ellysa A

      I miss u Justin 💔♥️



    97. Hwasa S2

      dms aff

    98. Subliminal Me-ssage


    99. senoga robert

      so amazing

    100. Kerri-Ann Vibes

      Still listening in 2020 💕🙏🎶