Justin Bieber - Hold Tight (Official Lyric Video)


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    1. Raseena Mujeeb

      Any body know avneeth

    2. Tierra Elliott

      Lovely jb

    3. JaZHZY

      0:09 0:13 0:15 0:19 0:25 them lip won't let me go

    4. Diamond Guy

      i love this song

    5. fern brock

      Uhhh I feal like I’m getting food and woching this

    6. Waythegreat

      Who's birthday was it & which lips wasn't letting him go?

    7. yagurlz

      hoeliebers make some noisee

    8. Seven Colors A Rainbow

      Just imagine a vid for hold on tight.. pyd..

    9. Seven Colors A Rainbow

      Any one in october 20

    10. Jasmine

      me imagining the situation with me and Justin and then I remember he's married

    11. Alvin Benjamin

      One of my favorite song of justin

    12. 50hellkat2

      This about Selena

    13. Varsha Varsha

      #indianprimevideo congratulates you for making Good Video. Please Like, Comment and Share & Also Enjoy Glowing Star Prabhat in #Fadfadaa Movie.

    14. Indian Queen

      Bump this every day 🥴

    15. 7beatz Tha shinobi

      Justin b this tight lol

    16. script night

      this album is fire

    17. Simone Armanni

      Wow what a underrated song. Smooth🥰👌🏻💋

    18. Franklin Douglas


    19. Samer Ezeldin


    20. Jacob McCluskey

      Amazing song rock 😎

    21. Divino Card top DJ23 Satanás bloqueado na


    22. Mangla Gauri 2664

      Just remembering Jelena 😭😭❤️❤️

      1. Melissa Alvarado

        Jelena is dead. Grow up girl. Justin is now married to Hailey and both love each other

    23. טליה כהן


    24. Maite Ibañez

      HOLD TIGHT: AGÁRRATE FUERTE. No me dejan ir esos labios. 💝😘💝😘

    25. Sumaiya Tasin

      August 2020

    26. Kira Govorushkina

      My name kira ❤️❤️❤️😍😘😉😄🤩🤩🤩

    27. Dark Paradise

      Its pressumed that he wrote this after losing his virginity with Selena on his birthday. 2020 and still a boop

    28. Chaimae Ghalem

      Here hhhhh

    29. Raquel Jesus

      My "mundinho" de sonhos aprazíveis! Quanto carinho...My Deus 😍😍❤amo d++ esse melsinho ❤❤jaysinho 😍😍❤

    30. Patricia fife

      Meanwhile during tha Rona of 2020... foreva elusive & neva finding where I belong... his memory holds on tight & foreva I'll b tha 1 that got away & whose heart will neva love another... my SuperMan 27 my king my very own Will Smith ... 8yrs we held on one way or another... i did whatever it took...but u try to save too many hoes n I cant make babies like they did... hmmmmm ... smile ... her heart wont let u loose her ... always sayin my silent prayer

    31. Yogendar Tiwari


    32. Faheem Sharaf

      His voice😍😍

    33. nabina gurung

      Reminds whole lotta memories 💓

    34. RAHILA Himat

      Song is so nice

    35. Kulsoom Bizzle

      Are you here belieber’s ?

    36. Dewayne Johnson

      Justin Bieber!!!!!!!!!

      1. Dewayne Johnson

        Justin is an angel!!!!!!!! Elisa Herrera Roxanne

    37. 俺の庭


    38. Swag P

      2020 where y’all lat !? 🙌🏽👀

    39. khert tumabang


    40. TheKerahaan

      Who’s listening during the global pandemic ?

      1. FABNPINK


    41. Fer Alcocer Gomez


    42. 5.xx.a .a

      I miss old Justin so badddddd

    43. Kyle Montes

      men this song was chilling with me. #N1FanJBRenzokyleMontes 🎶🎶🎶🎶

    44. Chris Mobley

      Them lips won’t me go 💯

    45. Yasmin Patriarchi

      O amor da minha vida pra sempre

    46. Ram Jayanth

      ufff 🥵 he must do Journals 2.0

    47. 월하


    48. Ling Wai Lee


    49. Kryshia Angelique Penaflor

      2020 and im still inlove with your voice goshhh! Justin!

    50. Sami & Angel Plus FIVE

      When word for word you can relate, and it hits hard! 💯😭💔 This song is everything! ❤️🔥❤️🔥

    51. Sthepanny Fernanda Quezada Jimenez

      En pleno 2020 💜🔥

    52. Cxss Hxgg

      My favorite white singer since robin thicke and Justin Timberlake

    53. The Gamer

      Only the true believers know about his journals album this was such a master piece full r&b

    54. Carmela Mack


    55. Abdalla Alqaisi


    56. Dani Olah

      wow but i love you ❤️❤️🤤❤️🙈👑

    57. Desiree Monrial

      i love this Justin bieber song and 10,000 Hours Song too by justin bieber’s voice is amazing and beautiful in that music video of his

    58. AB 30

      First time Listening in 2020

    59. Nike Jones


    60. Kratos - PUBG MOBILE

      2020 like here 👍

    61. 쵸비


    62. Dylan McCartney

      Anyone ins 2020?

    63. Didou Madrid

      I love you song and Justin Bieber i love You

    64. De'Marco Jefferson

      Who's still listening to this in 2020 though?!

    65. Lily Cândido

      lembrei dessa música do nada

    66. Rocio Castro


    67. Bigkb Killer

      No cap this this hard when u n yo feelings lol 20/20

    68. jahid khan


    69. Latoya Richmond

      2020 I'm still Jamming to this

      1. Raven Pittman

        Raven Pittman💏

    70. king kong


    71. Brittney Mains

      Selena: your the best I ever had they hold on tight I'm fan and your the rockstar Hailey: you got that yummy yummy

      1. miraal.b

        Beautiful lyrics Justin wrote for Hailey: “I need you all around me” “Guess anything is possible with your help, anything's possible since you made my heart melt” “our love's unconditional” “My love for you's habitual, not for a moment, but forever” “I reach out to you, but my hands can't hold enough, enough of your greatness, you teach me patience” (so you jelena fans can stfu and move on :)

      2. Bustin Jieber

        @Fatuuu MD lmao what a clown

      3. auni _2004

        Dark Paradise y she got to shut up? 😂😂🤔

      4. Dark Paradise

        @Fatuuu MD and this album was realeased in 2013... shut the f up

      5. Fatuuu MD

        Hailey and Justin kised in 2014, imagine this song is for Hailey, we don't really know so.. dont say nothing

    72. Khalil Parker

      Best song he ever made

    73. Juwan Justice

      2020 who’s here with me?🙃😘

    74. Khloe Justice

      2020 who's here with me🤩🤩

      1. Siti Nur haliza


      2. eyyeung


      3. the music world official


      4. Chloe Bond


      5. ND GAMING


    75. sara_ utn


    76. Miss.Leta Mack

      This is the Justin I love ❤️

      1. Lit Costello


    77. Fredric Ben

      ♡ still fresh

    78. Letícia Campos

      Whose listening in 2020????

    79. Letícia Campos

      alguem em 2020 kk

    80. Diana Espinosa

      best justins album

    81. Mariana Luis Espinoza

      Belieber forever ♡ 6'01'20

    82. Star

      I will always bump this !! 2020 in this bihh whoop!

    83. MINAHIL Javed

      2020 anyone??❤️❤️

    84. D Copeland


    85. Nallely Blanco

      2020 anyone here wit me (: ?

    86. Kelly Nicole

      It sounds better slower.

    87. Luna

      This is honestly your best album yet in my opinion

    88. Yuliza Anna

      Hold Tight >>> Yummy

    89. Sri Himamshu

      2020 Jan anyone?

    90. paula manalac

      Listening to this on the first day of 2020❣️

    91. Sam Sam

      On a Binge listen to JB songs. Best way to end a decade and prepare for Justin’s new Album ❤️👌😊 2019->2020

    92. Carlos Eduardo


    93. Maria

      2013-2014 still JB's best album

    94. Sarita Galphade

      As per journals horoscope my song comes this hold tight. #Juneborn who loves journals too?

    95. Chelsey

      Listening on my birthday ! ✨

    96. Drip Splash

      This was him introducing us to R&Bieber 😂

    97. Taco Burrito

      Missing my sexc puoto

    98. Vanessa B

      Still waiting on this video

    99. EDM Bot

      This deserve more views .

    100. Daredevil Otaku

      Fun fact: this song is about Selena Gomez.

      1. Daredevil Otaku

        kanato STORY what

      2. kanato STORY

        Shitlena went to hell

      3. kanato STORY

        Shitlena went to he'll :)