Justin Bieber - All Around The World (Acoustic) (Official Audio)


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    Music video by Justin Bieber performing All Around The World (Acoustic) (Audio). ©: The Island Def Jam Music Group

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    1. Jalal Cacho

      Nov 2020 anyone?

    2. Azamir Azli

      2020 👀

    3. Nisa Razali

      untill now iloveyou 💜

    4. Beyza Emren Şahin

      Still here. I love your all songs.

    5. Varsha Varsha

      #indianprimevideo congratulates you for making Good Video. Please Like, Comment and Share & Also Enjoy Glowing Star Prabhat in #Fadfadaa Movie.

    6. Dina Nizam

      Enjoy your life and realize how blessed you are

    7. Dzul Fiqran Zaelani Hamzah

      2020 who?

    8. Rena Amelia


    9. Yulisa Xitumul

      Quarantine! 2020 Love You Justin 💜

    10. Elizabeth Quintana Purkiss

      anyone know the riff i wanna learn it

    11. Ketillen Rosa

      Eu amo essa versão!!!

    12. Tridib sarkar

      Let's make a rally Proud to be a believer(1(

    13. Tridib sarkar

      Let's make a rally Proud to be a believer(1(

    14. Aura Rivera

      He’s so good

    15. Daniela Taboada

      Like si estás aquí por el tatuaje de nick de ot

    16. Mauro Michiels

      Who's still bumping this?



    18. Joseane SG

      os acusticos do jubs n tem nem comparação q voz pft!!

    19. Luca Alunni


    20. Maja

      This is so beautiful 😍

    21. Abed Habouchi

      I guess there s only me on 2020

    22. Carmel Ovadia

      Love you justin bieber

    23. Olga Schuchart


    24. Fotini Karanikola

      all around the world people want to beloved

    25. Franklin Saymon Do Vale Saymon Do Vale

      Love this song 💖

    26. Karina Putri


    27. Masheal al S

      I saw a clip 🎬 for you, I felt you are very tired, 😔 pay 💰💸attention to the money you are accustomed to, but health 💪 is not returned so take time off from work to relax ✈️🏝🛌😴 yourself and improve your condition 🤗🌺 I care for you because I am your girlfriend 💙

    28. Olga Schuchart

      I know that you are love, sometimes you act too naively. I am the head, you are the heart and only together we are incredible. I could kiss you a million times, I love your lips and your sweet eyes.

    29. Asker

      All credits for guitar

    30. Hari Duminey


    31. Asyiqin Fatini

      2019?! December gang

    32. Jawaher younus

      2019?? Belieber for ever

    33. Chethan Kumar

      2019 here

      1. Reema Amar


    34. RAAF PUBGM

      13/10/19 from Algeria 🇩🇿

    35. mohit Gahlot


    36. Boss2kill

      Quien lo escucha 👂 2019/2020

    37. Beryl Gonzales

      fvnsx. oiopd neqx niopd. okay dc. podpoox j

    38. Beryl Gonzales

      wer po

    39. Beryl Gonzales


    40. Sonkarlay Hassan


    41. Francis Sosa


    42. Jasper Bright

      Proud to be a belieber

    43. Mohammad Salah


    44. Mr.M1Garand 25

      I'm a guy and this is one of my favorite songs to play on guitar

    45. Äbđëlrhmañ Adel


    46. Hika cvdv


    47. gail martinez

      april 2019❤️

    48. Lidiane Lima

      Que voz linda parabéns pelo álbum maravilhoso sempre irei adorar esse álbum 😍😘

    49. regiane vitoria


    50. Valentina Campagna

      te amo

    51. Яна Ляшенко


    52. Dias Gita


    53. hirlane laura

      Acoustic versions are so much better than Studio versions, show your real angelic voice Justin!

    54. ᴀʀᴀsᴛʜᴇᴛɪᴄ

      2018 guys???

    55. Crystal Rocha

      Who came here before 5 million views

    56. kreed's

      2018??! Perfect. All aroun the world.

    57. Valeria Garcia

      Missing this

    58. Belieber Brazilian


    59. iHack Apple

      When he hits the high notes 😍

    60. debojiti das

      I don't care about haters, because I know that Our JB is the best from everyone.

    61. yo belieber


    62. yo belieber

      Me encantaaaaa ❤❤❤❤❤



    64. Rasandi Piyumya

      I love jb

    65. Julie G.

      Souvenir souvenir...

    66. Sasah Hungria

      Meu deus que nostalgiaaaaaaa sdds dessa época😍😍😍😍❤❤❤

    67. Nisa Çevik


    68. Tutku Birincioğlu


      1. Nisa Çevik

        JS JUZZY6 AİLESİ wuw türk varmış

    69. Suely Lopes

      a Love Justin Bieber

    70. Tutku Birincioğlu

      I love you

    71. Josephine Phillips

      Omg this makes me cry it's so beautiful😭😭😍❤

    72. Lacramioara Imbre

      I know i am beautiful



    74. H.T Gaming

      2018 ?

    75. Valeria Olid Blanco

      Justin 😍😍

    76. Kåüånē •

      *Justin* *Bieber* *Love* *You* 😍😍😍💜💜💜♡

    77. Hartik jamwal

      In 2018

    78. Josephine Phillips

      Omg I'm in love with his acoustic covers!!😍💗

    79. Armita Yousefi


    80. Ashley Flores


    81. Nika


      1. Noe Clavado

        Gori Sve yo

    82. Jani Baba

      Like if youre listening in december 2017

    83. Amrita Sinha


    84. Lina Hoyos

      Love you 😍

    85. Jade la Rossa

      Listening in November 2017

    86. Valentina Gómez

      November?????? anyone?

    87. Deborah Neto

      simplesmente perfeito!

    88. Isabella Ribeiro Gonçalves

      2017 hi??

    89. Natalie Forever


    90. Natalie Forever

      I love you Justin #Belieberforever

    91. Welcome to Sara's world

      4 years later and im still listening to this i love this song

    92. RED

      I love the intro

    93. Gercina Sousa


    94. Amos James Masama

      amen love u

    95. Lisa Lena

      This is Beautiful

    96. Gaby fox Kawaii

      T que me haga sentir mejor forma que te lo esperabas ❤️

    97. beniciob04

      Sometimes acoustic is better!

    98. Jelly Fish

      When you were so in love with Supra's. I love this I wanna learn how to play the guitar now.

    99. Beyza Okcan

      You are my husband JUSTIN BIEBER

    100. Žeina tv