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    PURPOSE : The Movement

    A Short Film

    Created by Justin Bieber, Parris Goebel and Scott "Scooter" Braun

    Director: Parris Goebel
    Production Companies: SB Projects and Bieber Time Films
    Executive Producers: Justin Bieber and Scott "Scooter" Braun
    Producers: Justin Bieber, Scott "Scooter" Braun, Parris Goebel, and Allison Kaye
    Associate Producer: Cori Weber
    Shoot Coordinator: Cyndi Dumo
    Big Thanks: Brett Goebel
    Choreographers: Parris Goebel and Lyle Beniga
    Dancers: Lyle Beniga, Parris Goebel, Kaili Bright, Melany Centeno, Lilly Leithner, Diana Matos, Cat Rendic, Taja Riley, Tia Rivera, Tee Tee, Marquita Washington, Laure Courteller, Natalie, Paris Jackson, Miesha Moore, Tiara, Kelly, Selasi Dogbaeje, Conny Azua, and Rebbi Rosie
    Company Girls: Vanessa Curry, Jamie Hauptmann, Delaney Glazer, Jen Jones, Maja Keres, Bec Morris, Deena Poppes, Debbie Rosie, Jamie Ruiz, Taylor Thomas, and Marie Takano
    Diner Crew: Alex Chung, Shaun Evaristo, Graig Fisherman, and Devin Jamieson
    Written By: Justin Bieber, Jason “Poo Bear” Boyd, James Abrahart, Andreas Schuller, Thomas Troelsen, James Wong and Leroy Clampitt
    Published By: Bieber Time Publishing/Universal Music (ASCAP), Poo BZ Inc. (ASCAP), 360 Music / Ray Daniels / Jayded Ink Publishing (SESAC), The Viking Pump Music / Honua Songs / Artist 101 Publishing Group Admin. by Warner Chappell (BMI), EMI Music Publishing Denmark (KODA), Fried Rice and Chicken Noodle Music / Honua Songs / These Are Pulse Songs (BMI), and Avant-garde lol Music/Honua Music (ASCAP)
    Produced By: Axident for Axident Productions, LLC, Gladius and Big Taste
    Co Produced By: Jason “Poo Bear” Boyd
    ©: 2015 Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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    1. Mahlatse Mokgotho

      This music video gives me life😢😢😢🔥🔥🔥💙💙💙

    2. Gabriella Reyes

      te amo

    3. Mahlatse Mokgotho

      This video is mad fire😢😢😢🔥🔥🔥

    4. Ygor Alexandrino

      amo a rayssa

    5. El Naima

      Wouah le couple de danseurs 👏👏👏👍👍

    6. div

      Is the girl from sorry?

    7. Rockin Randy89

      Best Part Is From 3:13...Wish I Could Get That Version

    8. whatever

      ugh this brings back so many memories, i genuinely can't believe this whole purpose: movement dance video thing came out almost five years ago. it's genuinely one of justin's best projects / albums, and don't get me started on this song😭!

    9. Shawn Lobo

      I miss 2016 song im done with 2020

    10. Tyannaaj

      i’m sorry almost 5 years since this song and album ?????? 😫❤️

    11. Aurvin Ifat

      2:56 my favourite

    12. Nana-Leigh GQ

      I loved him so much to the point where I can't stand him anymore. Purpose is the only album I'm willing to listen to.

    13. Teboho Mokanyane

      Still my favorite

    14. Nilofar Yasmin

      heart touching voice...... LOVE U

    15. sharjeel ayub

      The Jesus Christ the blessing of Justin Bieber 💜💜💜💜💕💕💕

    16. Gilly Bean

      She's fucking amazing! Oh my god!

    17. Varsha Varsha

      #indianprimevideo Good Video. People who are reading this, I wish you a happy and prosperous life for more than 100 years with good health


      2:00 DOPE

    19. Ariana Mércia

      Who’s here after Holy?

    20. GAMER X

      Fact-This wasn't recommended you searched for it..

    21. torpid tunes

      slowed it down again thwikis.info/section/w-d-xo/orVofLtog7qvc50.html

    22. Saksham Arora

      Belieber forever ...😍😍🔥🔥🔥

    23. Sangare Aboubacar

      This musi is 💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿🤙🏾🤙🏾

    24. Sonia Yang

      0:51 m

    25. Rave Salvador

      4:45 that girl in the left side of the bed texting her boyfriend cuz she didn't wash the dishes yet lol

    26. Mahder Mitike

      2020 anyone?

    27. saleem mumo

      Still jamming to the Purpose Album what a Gem

    28. Tshedza Munyai

      The best song he's ever made .


      3:18 Please let me in...... please 🙏🙏🙏🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧

    30. Omar Elahadad


    31. Martine O x

      Where’s the location of where the couple are dancing? The neon mall? Looks absolutely sick 😎👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽

    32. M Vivek

      Comin' here for the 98th time just because i couldn't find a audio of this version

    33. Reprogram Your Subconscious

      Nice dancing

    34. Deivison Trindade

      Alguém do Brasil

    35. Sharna Grayson

      I refuse to believe this song came out in 2015

    36. Kayvonn Ratcliffe

      Talk about a slumber party

    37. Denis. Nishant.

      awesome track n just love the lady's dance i mean those moves 4 steps in a frame(1 second) hats off .. sorry for commenting so late god bless ya:):)

    38. J L

      Who's the girl on the thumnail pic?

    39. Saumya

      Music from 3:10 hits different. I really wish this was available on spotify :(

      1. Ariana Herawati

        Damn true!

    40. YOURS TRULY Undersigned creator

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    41. Gina Salinas

      i swear to GOD I'm so turned on how clean, crisp, and smooth their moves are with one another!!

      1. Hosein Hoseini

        خیلی خوب

    42. R b

      Damn!!!! Paris is bbaaaddd !!


      Justin 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😭💙💙💙💙💙💜💜eres mi vidaaa


      2020 😍😍😍😍😍✨💜💜💜💜


      Justin TE AMOOOOOOO 😍😍😍😍😍😍TE AMOOOO 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💙

    46. Andres Flores

      November 13 in Paris...

    47. Ursula

      Miss Parris Goebel never disappoints.

    48. killuazay 05

      2020 this song is a whole vibe

    49. Evelyn Lara

      Parris goebel sua foda do cralhooooooo

    50. Reina Arana

      I don’t know which is better changes or purpose

    51. Kasim Dyer

      The Lady is from sorry video?? I'm I right??

    52. Katie Alvarado

      Who is the guy dancer?

    53. Aurelie Lopes

      still in love with this song!!!!

    54. Bekah

      thick in the beginning

    55. menzi dlamini

      The dences wow!!!!

    56. Nakiya Edwards

      4.27 sexiest little snippet of dancing I've ever seen!👅👅👅 geezus!!

    57. busra


    58. Kaarthiek Lamrod

      4:13 Bestest Part.

    59. Avo Cado

      2020 ?

    60. C K

      I'm here after searching for Chris brown cover

    61. Camarena Michel

      Para mamarme este video

    62. angelwingsdc

      Still one of my fave songs and dance routines ❤️

    63. Mady Mums

      Son meilleur son 💙❤️💙

    64. jahid khan


    65. Luis Reza

      Who’s here after hearing yummy ?

    66. Kj krrisan


    67. Hama Kirkuk


    68. Hama Kirkuk


    69. Hama Kirkuk

      Rock star

    70. Skillidan

      I was never a big justin fan, but I miss this one.. this album had such a good vibe !

    71. Dinda Adinapradja

      Honestly I think this album is His best album. Beside that new track and all those dramas. This is actually a masterpiece.

      1. Sahil More


      2. Anlly Viveros

        Correct!!!!!!!!! 👏🏾 👏🏾 👏🏾 👏🏾 👏🏾 👏🏾

    72. Julia Engelits

      but when 2:02 comes on, shit hits DIFFERENT

    73. Alyssa G

      yaaaas parris

    74. Adriana Marisol Morales Montesinos

      Minuto 2.03 ❤🙏

    75. العالم الصغير

      الله اكبر

    76. David, Jr. Tolson

      Guys, I have to ask, what's with the Jurassic Park sign? I can't be the only one who saw that! Is Justin a Spielberg fan?

    77. va rg

      La musica exelente pero el baile es un asco !.......👎👎👎

      1. Curly Fries

        I have no idea

    78. koolyokam007

      Definitely one of my all time fav songs

    79. Larissa

      Who’s here after yummy??

      1. Avo Cado


      2. Sasha 6x


      3. Symentha Holmes

        I am. :)

      4. Boho Chic


    80. King Krude


    81. Nadjmo Cherrouf

      Who noticed that 1113 is (111)3 that means (111)(111)(111) and that means 666 which it's the devil's number ! 😱

      1. Nadjmo Cherrouf

        @Divine maybe 😐😐😅😅😅

      2. Divine

        you’ve watched wayyyyy to many conspiracy theory videos, it’s not that deep 😂😂😂🤍

      3. Xtyle Suhag


    82. Eshan Ahmed

      2020 anyone?

    83. Annabelle Harris

      Who’s watching this in 20/20

    84. Kévin Keldeo

      Better than the original music video. That's a fact !

    85. Night Mic Productions

      Filmed on location at Universal Studios Hollywood.

    86. nagbo13

      This video reminds me of my college friends. They were such great dancers. #Polypino

    87. paintball3747

      This in my heart will always be the best choreographed duo dance in a music video that i've ever seen. The way they move together is jaw dropping.

    88. what's up dada

      26 December??? 2019??🤔

    89. Mukesh Kumar


    90. Kat Ñ

      Amo esta cancion y este video, no puedo parar de verlo

    91. Agam Singh

      Favourite song

    92. Male 7w7

      Que le haces a mi bandera vos 😠

    93. Lewis Mcandrew


    94. Axl Rose's Son

      3:51 😮😮


      I love this song and just

    96. Usher Manabay


    97. rachel achuil

      Keep up

    98. N H

      Their dancing gives me LIFE 🙌 ❤️

    99. Shali Kui

      What was that? You all saw that thing the video did

    100. Shali Kui

      Justin Bieber is so Justin Bieber