Justin Bieber - All Bad (Official Lyric Video)


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    1. Fazal Rehman

      he's been through a lot

    2. Dalila Eunice Sánchez Pérez.


    3. Markos Amorim

      2020 🇧🇷

    4. Elisha Ford

      this masterpiece deserves more appreciation

    5. Soumili Seal

      Every one seems to be criticising Selina but this song was actually written to Selina just to inform her about her fake friends because she didn't know what they were doing at her back... but Selina was always loyal to Justin !!! 😌😌😌They split up for others reasons that no one knows so it's useless to just criticise Selina for everything...

    6. Alissa not Melissa

      Here after realising the cute “WHEN JESUS WASSHHHEEDDD” kid from Sister Act 2 wrote this song

    7. Dhriti PatelJB

      It's all bad with out you

    8. short lil gurl

      Justin you have a beautiful voice ‼️💙💙

    9. Reema

      this song about selena and her fake friends 😿#freeselena

      1. Reema


    10. IMN 1004

      This whole album still hits hard it'a petty how it was so underrated it sould've toped charts

    11. purpletears ___

      One of my favorite songs to ever exist

    12. Matthias Schurz

      This song is so sad but true!

    13. Emily Le

      Pls someone explain me what's going on ?? Why every comment is about selna's friends??🙄

      1. SHIRIN BHATTACHARJEE Suchitra Academy

        Selena's friend upload a picture on her story with her friends and cropped Selena and in one picture Selena's friends ignoring her and in one video her friends were behaving so rude with Selena so Basically everyone is saying that her friends are fake and this song is about her fake friends

    14. Varsha Varsha

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    15. agus f


    16. sinem ünal

      i guess this song about taylor I THINK

    17. Franklin Douglas


    18. annelize van wyk

      You make me go mad when you all out bad you make me feel good when I am sad I like it when you make me go mad and you go out all bad

    19. Yael Peretz

      How many bielibers like selena👇

    20. Julyane Carolyne

      The songs on the album journals are sensational, transmits an unparalleled energy, I love you Justin, thank you for being in my life in these 10 years that I have been with you, even if far away! ❤️🇧🇷

      1. Julyane Carolyne

        Richard Matos eu amo até hoje

      2. Richard Matos

        Eu amava essa música quando lançou

    21. Skraps

      Poor Justin and Selena, everyone were tryna separate you.Why you two let them do what they want? Get together and Show haters.

    22. Skraps

      Selena they were jealous of you because of Justin.They won't let you be happy.Please don't keep these snakes in your life.They were jealous of your relationship, happiness.Please be with someone you love

    23. Skraps

      Selena Gomez leave your fake friends because why would someone go after friends ex.Maybe that could be accepted.Who goes after your best friend's ex's wife?Open your eyes Selena.It's better to be alone

    24. Skraps

      As I guess,their relationship was affected by Fake friends

    25. Skraps

      Justin and Selena,open your eyes and get back.Most people can't experience love in their whole life.You two love each other, please be together.All love

    26. Honatan Rubi

      What beautiful song

    27. Moon Bieber

      How's here in 2020

    28. Heather Ford

      Profound words from a young person. Yes no one is perfect

    29. Emerson Caceres

      I love all 95% of your Músic Justin, You are the King. Please never Die

    30. Yulisa Xitumul

      QUARANTINE 2020 !!Love You Justin 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

    31. Preston_John EDMUND


    32. Shut the f**k up its wrestling

      best songs from this album 10-you 9-can't 8-rank 7-them 6-because 5-they 4-all 3-are 2-amazing 1-Roller Coaster

    33. demon of war

      De verdad lo mejor que me ha pasado es ser tu fan 😍💜💕👑👑👑👑👑👑 the king 👑👑👑👑😍😍😍😍💖💖✌


      Proven. Least I’ve proven that I give a daaaammmmm

    35. Sarah

      If anybody understand arabic go and see the truth in your own eyes thwikis.info/section/w-d-xo/qtOHmrF5hbq9e2Y.html we all love Selena Gomez

    36. Aaryan Juyal

      This song is whole mood❤️❤️

    37. Jalei Mannis

      I love this song so much for Justin beiber is so cute and hot and good looking and sexy as man in the world best singer and dacener in this world and don't think about the world worst people you are so cute and and your family and fans love you no matter what just do what you gotta do🕭🔔📯📣📢🕪🕩🕨🔊🔉🔈🏉🏈🏀⚾⚽🌐🌏🌎🌍🐕🐶🐒🐵😇😚😗😚🏛🎵🎶♩🎙🎚🎛🎤🎧🎷🎸🎹🎻📻📱📲💻🖥⌨🖱🖲💽💾💿📀🎥🎬📽📺📷📹📼📔📕📖📗📘📙📚📒📃📜📄📰🗞

    38. theOrangekindle

      "Some will look good if some will look like bad. And the audience that are be looking at the circus." 🙏

    39. YOURS TRULY Undersigned creator

      God those were the easy days..... warned you that were all bad... I'm the only good girl in the pack..

    40. jyoti singh

      He still cares about Selena after she had blamed him for everything.She should watch this he is not bad guy at all

    41. Rachel Subramaniam

      Listen to the song lose u to love me and listen carefully cause u don't have the brains to. And see why she sang this to u 😒😡😠😠😫😠😤😡👿😾💘💔

    42. Rachel Subramaniam

      Anyways I don't care about the song care about that u broke Selena Gomez's heart I hate u

      1. SoMoNeymar

        Your mother hates you too.

    43. A G.

      "Tryin' to tell me that I'm just like the others but I ain't all bad" no justin, you aren't bad at all. :(

    44. taylor swift13

      You need calm down justin

    45. Rahwa Desta

      im loving this song only if it doesnt refer to taylor at all and it doesnt !!

    46. Rosa Lopez

      He cared and Selena was brainwashed

    47. NoName Gurl

      Justin was broken and still made such beautiful songs expressing his feels..

    48. Jasmin Cayanong

      I guess JB was trying to warned Selena..

    49. Brixie

      aww he wrote this because of selena's fake friends :c if they were together omg i would stan so f much

    50. Biba songs

      I think Justin bieber has know what selena's friends are

    51. Bekah

      I hope Selena’s friendship with those three girls ends because that’s the definition of toxic friendship 🐍🐍🐍

    52. Allison Joyce

      I aintt all bad

    53. kim yeri

      This words hurt my heartbeat

    54. akina Sema

      honestly! justin really loved selena but she was swayed away by her fake friends

    55. Anastasia Vana

      This song, has a deeper meaning.

    56. Kulsoom Bizzle

      Amazing love ❤️

    57. Rozhan Ali

      anyone 2020 ???

    58. Devangi Shah

      U see guys he warned us in the past...

    59. Allison Joyce

      i aint all bad

    60. Babatunde Ojomo

      Justin really stood up for Selena. This is what happens all the time though the innocent guys are always made to look that way

    61. Cella Juwita Siregar

      I ain't all bad

    62. •HX44Y & H3N4Y•

      I came from will wes tv

    63. Rithin reddy

      who stood test of time , taylena did!

    64. among us is among you

      your a real rude to your fans that's why i don't want to be your fan yor rude

    65. selena green

      omfg i finally know wht this song is about wtf i legit dont understand why people can be so mean

    66. Mg La Pyae


    67. Jada Mc Eachnie


    68. Michala Brooks

      Cool :) hi

    69. Zahara

      With that video exposing selena’s fake friends this all makes sense! Justin was been warning us about them. It makes me wonder what role they played in coming in between them if they did.

    70. Thar htet

      I remember idk why i feel so sad and depressed when i listened to this song in 2014

    71. Victorian Vixen

      Yep selena's fake frnds....still following justin n his wifey....selenators its time to STEP IN!..ugh..i feel so bad for selena... =(

    72. Jana ibrahim

      Daamn that hit I reallyyyy wants Selena to listen to this 🥺😭😭

    73. Devanshi Mehta


    74. Tez Wayne

      How many songs can you name that Justin cussed in ?? that how you know Justin really really feeling some type of way 😂

    75. zaza mirotadze

      I dont think it is about selena's recent fake friends. I dont think that fake friendship lasts for 6 years.

    76. Gina auliya

      In the end we all know that the *All bad* is about justin himself.

    77. thu uyên trần hồ

      whyyyyyyy I discovered this song just now?????!!!!!

    78. Dusty Dusty


    79. True Pakistani

      Justin warned you selena

    80. Maddie’s Channel_

      I like how this lyric video was 6 years ago but a lot of thecomments are less than 2 months

    81. Dark Flora69

      poor Selena

    82. simmi simz

      I really do believe people got inbetween their relationship and tried to destroy it.

    83. Khenzom SUBRAHMANYAM


    84. child meira

      1:04 is a vibeeee ~ omfg his voiceeeeeeeee

    85. Blanks

      I get the feeling her friends were one of the downfalls of their relationship.

    86. Ty JR

      This whole album was so fire

    87. Mia-Sanaa

      when you're here after Selena's fake friends vid

    88. Schummye Ulleyh

      Fake toxiv friend selena

    89. Runi Unge

      Ke sini setelah nonton Yuvi phan yg ngebahas teman toxic'y Selena 😂

    90. Jessica 1

      I Listen to the words and yes it is about selenas fake friends please if you are selenators please support and help selena #Selenator #FreeSelena

    91. Sarsethirak Peouu

      Real snake shit 🐍

    92. FemA

      Someone in 2020 here ?

    93. Ralgen diii

      I just have this theory that selenas friends planned everything. I've read reports that her family and friends don't like justin Bieber for her. And her friends is still following Hailey liking her pictures and still in contact with justin. I think they told Selena to stay away from bieber so that hailey can have him. They told her that Justin's been turned down by selena and he needs comfort that's why she came to the rescue so fast. And I do think one of them is telling Hailey whatever is going on with her and her secrets. Omg! Why I am here. By the way it's my crazy side that is thinking it ain't serious tho 😂🤦

      1. Ralgen diii

        @Skraps i have a strong feeling about it

      2. Skraps

        I also think about that.

      3. Des B

        justin doesnt need her comfort they met again bc she is sick and almost d-ed ?? She didnt run in rescue

      4. rajeshwari vaidya

        I think kendall Jenner is in this...Jelena broke up because Justin was parting with her ....my opinion

      5. R J

        Ralgen Prescious dela Pieza oh woa-

    94. Silvia Tt

      Selenator since 2009 I really loved and fucking love her sooo much but never realized she such an innocent and kind person... She's an angel 👼

    95. Makayla Brathwaite

      Yea, is someone close to Selena gonna talk to her about those toxic friends? please.

    96. bluemuffin 215

      “Your worst enemy sometimes be your best friend” damn he was rlly out here trying warn Selena.

    97. andrea


    98. stacyeandrew2

      Everyone has friends like this and he coulda been talking about Hailey if we r all gonna be honest . She was cheering for “Jelena” and then trying to get with him. Just sayin


      at first it sounded like he was saying I ain't all that !!

    100. Yana Bennett

      2020 really is the exposing year 🐸☕️